Claremont Manor and Citrus College: Pioneering in Geriatric Care and Education in Southern California Retirement Communities

The collaboration between Claremont Manor and Citrus College represents an innovative approach in geriatric healthcare and education, distinguishing itself in the landscape of retirement communities in Southern California. This partnership transcends the traditional clinical rotations, offering a comprehensive program that marries education with practical experience. It’s a vital component of the Claremont Manor senior living community, highlighting its commitment to excellence in carting for older adults.

Educational and Practical Synergy

Citrus College nursing students are offered an unparalleled opportunity to bring their classroom knowledge to life at Claremont Manor, one of the premier retirement communities in Southern California. This collaboration began in the fall of 2022 and has since become a cornerstone of practical geriatric nursing education. Students are immersed in a real-world clinical environment, enabling them to refine their skills and deepen their understanding of the unique needs of the senior population.

Shawna Weiner, a former nursing director at Claremont Manor and an alumnus of Citrus College, played a crucial role in initiating this partnership. Her vision helped turn Claremont Manor into a pivotal clinical site for Citrus College’s gerontology courses. Students now use well-appointed facilities at Claremont Manor Care Center, gaining firsthand experience in a top-tier Claremont assisted living setting.

Impact on Nursing Students

The partnership marks a significant stride in the field of gerontology nursing education. For Citrus College students, it’s an invaluable journey into the practical implications of their profession. They benefit from the wisdom and guidance of experienced staff at Claremont Manor, who are not only dedicated to the residents but also committed to mentoring the future generation of healthcare professionals. This mentorship extends beyond clinical skills to encompass the emotional and psychological aspects of elder care, a critical component in retirement communities in California.

A Forward-Thinking Approach to Education

This innovative educational approach allows students to apply their academic knowledge in a hands-on environment, engaging directly with residents. These interactions are vital for understanding the complexities of geriatric care and prepare students for their future roles in various retirement communities in Southern California and beyond.

Benefits for Residents

Residents of Claremont Manor benefit significantly from this partnership. The presence of younger individuals brings a refreshing and dynamic energy to the Care Center. These intergenerational interactions provide stimulating and enriching experiences for the elderly, fostering a vibrant community atmosphere. Such exchanges are integral to maintaining a lively and engaging environment, typical of Claremont Manor senior living community.

Comprehensive Care at Claremont Manor

Claremont Manor is more than a skilled nursing care center; it’s a comprehensive community that offers independent living, assisted living and memory care. Located in the picturesque setting of Claremont, California, in Los Angeles County, the community is known for its serene atmosphere, shaded by a variety of beautiful trees.

The Care Center at Claremont Manor is renowned for its inpatient and outpatient services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, short-term rehab, hospice care, and around-the-clock skilled nursing. The Center is characterized by its intimate size, allowing for personalized attention and tailored programs to meet individual needs.

A Campus of Comfort and Convenience

Claremont Manor boasts a contemporary campus with a historic main building, offering residents a cozy and comfortable living environment. The outdoor spaces include peaceful gardens and welcoming courtyards, enhancing the overall living experience.

Living Options at Claremont Manor

Claremont Manor offers a range of living options, from spacious one- and two-bedroom apartments to charming cottages. The community’s architecture, coupled with restaurant-style dining, social and educational opportunities, and convenient transportation services, make life both easy and exciting for residents.

Truly Yours Assisted Living Program

For residents requiring extra assistance, Claremont Manor provides Truly Yours, a personalized approach to assisted living. This program is designed to offer customized care and services in the privacy of the resident’s home, ensuring engagement in the community’s vibrant life.

Summer House – Specialized Memory Care

Summer House at Claremont Manor is a dedicated memory support neighborhood, offering personalized care for residents with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. The neighborhood is designed to be safe and comfortable, featuring modern engagement technologies, sun-filled rooms, private patios, and garden paths.

The Allure of Claremont Village

The proximity to the charming village of Claremont adds to the community’s allure. The village offers a variety of dining options, shopping, art galleries, libraries, museums, and college campuses, enriching the lives of Claremont Manor residents.

Resident Testimonials

Residents like Jo and Mike, who have been part of the Claremont Manor community for several years, speak highly of their experience. “We like people!” said Jo. “We’ve made a lot of friends here and love that the village is nearby.” They appreciate the sense of community, the array of activities, and the closeness to the village of Claremont. “I’ve started playing piano again and act in the plays performed here,” Mike said. Both Jo and Mike agree that Claremont Manor is the best place to be now and in the future. “We’re enamored with the place.”

Discover Claremont Manor

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