Front Porch Program Teaches Managers Essentials of Leadership

Managers serve an important and pivotal role at Front Porch. Many serve as liaisons between executive level and frontline staff. They’re on the forefront of implementing the vision of their community and the greater Front Porch organization through the teamwork of frontline employees under their supervision. 

At Front Porch, we have Front Porch University, not a place but a culture, which promotes leadership engagement in order to build and grow a Front Porch culture of learning that translates learning into a well-prepared, innovative workforce. One of its signature programs is Managers in Motion (MIM), a distinctive program specifically designed to give middle managers the tools to become successfully engaged, accountable and respectful leaders.

Congratulations to our first Northern California
graduating class of Managers in Motion.

Since the program began, almost 80 managers have participated with more to come. Recently, 15 graduated from the program who work at Front Porch’s Northern California senior living and affordable housing communities as well as those working within Front Porch’s Community Services programs.

MIM is a is very hands-on “workshopy” rather than “sit back and listen” type of program. During this eight-month leadership training, everyone jumps in and supports each other. Reflective “thought-work” between meetings keeps MIMs engaged throughout the program. Participants are often surprised at how interactive the workshops are and how the content is so relevant to their current work.

MIM uses small groups from each Front Porch community who then model and share their developed skills and new knowledge with others to benefit their communities and the organization as a whole.  MIM participants note that meeting other managers from different communities is so valuable because they learn that they are not alone in dealing with some of the same management issues.

This experience is a unique touch point for our managers. They get to reflect both on their own leadership and experiment with colleagues in a safe, interactive learning environment.

MIMs meet both in person and through check-in Zoom meetings. Three major areas of focus are accountability, team and trust building and working through content.

MIMs have opportunities for reflection, self-assessment, practice, real-life scenario-share, leadership activities, and have an opportunity to meet and talk with guest leaders. A residual effect of the program is how managers feel part of the greater Front Porch whole, engaged and confident.

Feeling a part of the greater whole adds meaning to our work lives. As a values-driven organization, Front Porch understands that leadership is not just about managing tasks and people; it is about inspiring and guiding others toward a common goal. That is why our Managers in Motion program focuses on cultivating a strong sense of purpose among our leaders as well as a path to career growth. By equipping them with the necessary tools and resources, we aim to foster a strong culture that permeates throughout our organization. Watch a video to learn more.

I’m so proud of all of our MIMs. They are inspiring as they continue to learn and grow as leaders. 

— Lauren Moulton-Beaudry, Ed.D

Vice President of Ethics and Education

Front Porch