Generosity Through The Generations

Although Carol H. and John M. are not Claremont Manor residents, they have a special connection that inspires them to support the community with gifts through the Front Porch Communities Foundation.

John M. and Carol H.

“My mother, Gen, and John’s parents, Lou and Jack, all lived at Claremont Manor,” Carol said. “They loved it there and received excellent care. It’s been our pleasure to continue the philanthropy they started.”

John’s parents, who lived at Claremont Manor from 2012–20, supported the Scholarship Fund because Lou felt a special connection to the Front Porch team members who cared for her, particularly the dining room servers.

“Mom really enjoyed talking to the servers and getting to know them,” John said. “They treated her and dad so well and she wanted to give back in a meaningful way. We felt it was appropriate to continue supporting the Claremont Manor Scholarship Fund in her memory. As retired college professors we know the high cost of getting an education and how hard it is to have to work while doing so.”

Carol’s mother, who lived at Claremont Manor from 2004–07, also supported the Scholarship Fund as well as other funds that are used to meet the greatest need at the community.

Carol and John donate to the Foundation using qualified charitable distributions from their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA QCDs) and a donor advised fund (DAF), both tax friendly ways to donate to charities.

“It’s our way of thanking the community for the wonderful care they gave to our parents,” John said.