Giving Back As a Way to Honor Friends

When Wade and Virginia joined St. Paul’s Towers 10 years ago, they quickly found themselves in a community full of people who deeply care for one another. The couple poured their hearts into their new home by building friendships and helping their neighbors. Wade, a physician and amateur photographer, chairs the Financial Study Group, Resident Council and other committees. Virginia, a dietitian by professional training, has served as chair of the New Resident Welcome Committee and now serves as chair of the Food Committee.

“I was able to keep up with my interests in my new home,” Virginia said. “Volunteering makes me feel like I’m participating in the life of the community. It’s also a good way to meet people.” Wade is also involved in their surrounding community as part of the Lake Merritt Institute clean-up effort.

Wade and Virginia embody the spirit of philanthropy that is at the heart of Front Porch Communities Foundation. In addition to their gifts of time through volunteer service, they are also generous donors to the Foundation, primarily through memorial gifts in tribute to their friends and neighbors. “That the Sherwoods make a memorial gift with the passing of their friends at St. Paul’s Towers is inspirational. Their gifts recognize that their friends and neighbors were loved and will be missed,” says Kimberly Manning, FPCF gift officer for the Northern California communities.

“We like to make gifts in memory of friends who have passed away,” Wade and Virginia said. “It seems appropriate to honor the life of someone who lived here at St. Paul’s Towers by making a gift to the Foundation to have an impact on the community here. There are so many worthy projects that can benefit from our donation.”

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