Impact and Social Accountability Reports Demonstrate Values

Drawing on shared values as non-profit providers of services for seniors, Front Porch and Covia affiliated in April of 2021. But before the affiliation took place, both organizations demonstrated how they live out their values: Front Porch through its Impact Report and Covia through its Social Accountability Report.

Two residents stand on a balcony holding up drum sticks

Now, as a new organization, Front Porch has adopted a new set of core values – built on the values already being lived out in Front Porch’s communities and programs. “These two reports demonstrate how our organizations have continued to pursue our common mission, vision and values throughout this difficult year,” said John Woodward, CEO.

“It was no doubt a difficult year as the world faced the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Sally Plank, senior vice president of organizational accountability. “However, at Front Porch, the strength of community and spirit of the individual was never more evident than during these challenging times.”

Front Porch’s values, including Connect, Collaborate, Build Trust, and Embrace Change are on full display in the video summary of the Impact Report and Social Accountability Report. The Collaborative Quilt Project and the Creative Aging Symposium demonstrate the organization’s commitment to the value of Inspiring Creativity. The proactive response to keeping people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, including communications, continuity of care, and adapting services such as meal delivery to residents, are examples of Leading Responsibly.

Plank shared, “We are thankful to our residents, whose patience and resilience showed true spirit and strength. We are equally grateful to our staff for their commitment to the safety and security of our residents. Your courageous response is the value of a true community.”

Watch the video here.

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