Legacy Foundations Come Together to Build Community

We are pleased to welcome you to the newly consolidated, statewide Front Porch Communities Foundation. The Covia Foundation and the Bethany Foundation officially merged into the Front Porch Communities Foundation on April 1, 2022.

Residents of Front Porch communities celebrate the joy of living in community,
a spirit that is often expressed through charitable gifts to the Front Porch
Communities Foundation.

Last year, the three legacy foundations that served Front Porch communities were consolidated to form the new Front Porch Communities Foundation. With the completion of all the regulatory paperwork and approvals for the Northern California foundations, we are proud to introduce this single Foundation that will serve all residents, communities, and programs throughout the Front Porch organization. We are better together as we continue our focus of putting caring and compassion into action with our supporters.

Although the name may be new, the leadership is familiar. Heading the Front Porch Communities Foundation is Executive Director Katharine Miller, who served in the same role for Covia Foundation since 2010.

Foundation supporters can be assured that past gifts will always be used for the intended purpose, and gifts made going forward may be designated to support the community or the program you care deeply about.

As a single foundation, the team is dedicated to learning about what is important to you, our supporters, partners, and friends, throughout our communities and in our programs. We look forward to working together to extend the culture of philanthropy that builds upon Front Porch’s vision of empowering individuals to live connected and fulfilled lives through community and innovation.

Be sure to read Foundation Board Chair Lynn North’s message and take a moment to appreciate the many stories contained here about residents who care deeply about their neighbors and their communities and the many ways they’ve put that caring into action through the Foundation.

For information about the Foundation, please connect with Katharine Miller, executive director, at kamiller@frontporch.net or 818.254.4096.