Manager Kathy Asencio is the Talk of the Claremont Manor Dining Room

With more than 20 years of hospitality experience, it wasn’t until Kathy Asencio came to Claremont Manor did she find the ultimate job satisfaction.

Kathy spent her early career as an accountant but soon realized
customer service was her gift. “I did not like working alone with limited
interaction with people,” Kathy said. “I was inspired by an aunt who was a waitress.
I saw how much fun she had serving people. I told myself, I want that!”

Kathy soon found herself in a new career as a server for several
high-end restaurants. Her bubbly and positive personality earned her several
promotions and position changes. She then had another epiphany that made yet
another dramatic difference in her life.

“I’ve lived in Claremont for more than 20 years and my mom ended up
living at a retirement community near here,” Kathy remembers. “While visiting
her one day I saw how the staff treated her. They were so kind and engaging. So
again, I told myself, I want that! I saw what one good staff person could do to
make a difference in a resident’s life.”

Soon after, she saw a server position open at Claremont Manor and jumped at the chance to apply. She got the job and with her previous experience was made a dining room supervisor and is currently participating in Claremont Manor’s, “Managers in Motion,” a training program to build leadership skills.

“Working here has changed my life,” Kathy said. “Talking to
residents every day is a joy. They tell me about themselves and I tell them
what is going on in my life. I don’t have my mom anymore but what I do have is
120 moms and 80 dads living here. They make me feel special every day.”

Being part of the dining room staff is particularly special to Kathy
because she knows how important the dining experience is to residents. “Yes,
the quality of the food is important but coming to dine each day is also about
friendships and socialization with fellow residents and staff. It’s a time to
gather and share.”

During community tours, Kathy assures family members of prospective residents that their loved ones will be well taken care of. “There’s no better feeling knowing that someone moved in because of what they saw in our dining room,” Kathy said. “I may have started out in the restaurant business, but at Claremont Manor I’m now in the people business.”

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