New Dining Room to Debut at Casa de Mañana

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, construction on the new Casa de Mañana resident dining room has continued throughout the spring and summer and is now open on a limited basis.

“The new dining room is about modern elegance,” says Dining Services Director Robert Hatano. “The space reflects the charm and seaside location that makes Casa special.”

The new design also embraces Casa’s history, which originated as a world-class hotel built in the Spanish Colonial-style in the 1920s before evolving to a world-class retirement community in the 1950s.

The already stunning view has only improved with the addition of single, large panes of glass replacing windows that were divided with mullions and sidelights. Large booths and banquets were added to enhance privacy if desired.

New amenities include an exhibition-cooking island and a “salad made to order” station, as well as a “chef’s table” for those who welcome a larger gathering where the discussion is lively and inclusive. The design brings the outdoors in, using large sculptural trees to break up the floor space without hampering the stunning view.

“Residents were involved with the planning,” Robert said. “They worked with the design team and our staff and many of their ideas were incorporated like the design and style of the chairs. They wanted to make sure they not only looked good but were also comfortable.”

“Our dining room has always been a place that brings people together for great conversation amid beauty and sophistication,” Robert said.

With the dining room reopening, Casa will follow all health and safety protocols including reservation-only dining for small groups, using face coverings and maintaining physical distancing among diners.

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