The Covia Connection: Building Your Community

As the groups we belong to shift, it can become difficult to maintain the connections and sense of community we’ve cultivated through the years. We hear it all the time: the kids have grown up and moved away, the social bonds built in the working world no longer hold us as tightly, neighbors come and go. At Covia, we understand the importance of social connections and that sense of belonging.

When people move to a Covia Community, they don’t just get a new address. Our residents root themselves into the kind of community they once enjoyed with long-time neighbors and friends. Once they settle in to one of our communities, it often isn’t long before new connections grow and blossom.

It starts with the natural sense of community we cultivate every day. You’re surrounded by neighbors who will soon become friends. Before you know you it, you’re enjoying meaningful conversations, over dinner or drinks, or finding others who share your interests and hobbies – and a mutual place to share them.

You become part of a community where health, hospitality, and engagement are built in. You’ll form new friendships, find new interests, or discover how to dig deeper into passions you already have.

The list of ways to cultivate a new community of neighbors is seemingly endless.

If it’s the outdoors you seek, our communities have plenty to offer. From walking trails to community gardens, nature is at your beck and call, with others to join you on the path, if you desire.

If you’re a “roll up your sleeves” and “get in on the action” type of person, we’ve got plenty of ways for you to do just that. You might find connections by getting involved through joining a resident committee or the resident council.

Are you more interested in cultural events and activities? Whether it’s musical events, films, literature, visual arts, or trips to local museums or cultural centers, you can find events on the community calendar and like-minded people who share your interests.

Or if you’re simply looking for opportunities to connect over a meal or casual conversations with neighbors who know you, there’s a Covia solution in a community that feels like a home and more.

Belonging goes hand-in-hand with being a resident at one of our communities. The list of ways to build connections is as big as you might imagine – and may even be bigger. It’s worth exploring. All you need to do to get started is reach out and schedule a visit.