Are you smarter than the average 70-year-old? You better believe it!

Covia’s motto is “Live well and age well – anywhere you call home.” But will the home you live in at age 70 continue to make sense for you at 80, or 90, or beyond? Unfortunately, not everyone plans as they should. Some people find themselves reacting to life’s big changes. But you know that it’s always better to be proactive. That makes you smarter than the average 70-year-old.

The fact is, being smart means you don’t put off planning ahead. You didn’t put off planning in your younger years, and you’re not going to live the rest of your life passively either. You’re proactive, not reactive, when it comes to your health, finances, and goals. You’ve dreamt big and planned big. We’re here to support you in making those plans and dreams become your reality in a community that feels like home.

By considering a move to a Covia Community, you’re beginning the process of giving yourself and your loved ones peace of mind. In fact, a recent Age Well Study by Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging found that people living in life plan or continuing care retirement communities demonstrate higher levels of social, physical, and intellectual wellness.  Add to that our expanded health care resources, and your worries are minimized as you age, knowing you have a team to work with you as your needs change.

Another benefit that makes our residents smarter than the average 70-year-old has to do with maintenance. As you consider the never-ending routine of home care, you’re taking into account what that might mean five, 10, or 20 years down the road. Moving to a Covia Community means no more caring for a house that’s bigger than your lifestyle or a yard that requires continued upkeep.

Along with peace of mind, you’re aware of the social benefits of moving to a community. All your life you’ve surrounded yourself with friends and community. You got to know your neighbors, got involved in your community, and made friendships that lasted. At any of our communities, you’ll be surrounded by people like you – intelligent older adults with diverse backgrounds in a similar stage of life.

Activities and exercise are always close by, with an array of options and a supportive staff always available to you. Whether you want to play bocce in Sonoma County wine country, take an easy walk to the Monterey shoreline, or join an exercise program in your community’s fitness center, Covia Communities have activities to suit your needs. It’s the convenience that sets us apart. Instead of traveling to exercise or trying to find creative ways to stay fit while at home, a life plan or continuing care retirement community naturally makes life easier and more enjoyable.

So, are you REALLY smarter than the average 70-year-old? Odds are you know the answer. You’re already aware of Covia’s reputation as a clear leader in senior living. You’ve planned, you’ve saved, and you’ve lived life with joy. Being smart means you know there’s more to come. All it takes is that next step. We’d love to meet with you and learn more about what that looks like to you.

Smart seniors like you have been choosing Covia for years. Are you ready to add your name to that list?