For the Love of Art and Each Other

Late-blooming love finds Kingsley Manor residents Mia and Sheldon

Art and love always seem to go together – in literature, paintings, music and for artistic couples like Kingsley Manor‘s Mia and Sheldon.

Five years ago, Mia was a new resident at the Hollywood retirement community. She enjoyed a 50-year career as a commercial artist and fashion illustrator, so Sales and Marketing Director Jeannie Weber thought the perfect person to show her around the community was resident and fellow artist Sheldon.

The two sat down for a conversation and discovered a mutual love of art, and that conversation began a wonderful relationship that is in full bloom today.

“We just started talking, and one thing led to another,” Sheldon said. “We ended up dining together in the evenings and afterword, we would just sit and talk.”

The pair found that they enjoyed similar artists, and even though they had different backgrounds in art, it was an important part of both of their lives.

While Mia enjoyed a professional art career, Sheldon is a self-taught artist with a penchant in oil painting. He teaches an acrylics class to the residents that Mia attends. Thanks to Sheldon’s guidance, Mia has a newfound interest in painting as well and has been growing more comfortable as a painter.

As a result of their art classes and other mutual interests, Sheldon and Mia spend most of their time together, and their love has truly grown from an introduction to a flourishing companionship. “We’ve gone through all kinds of ups and downs and learned a lot about each other and about life,” Mia said.

After five years, they both share an understanding of how important it is to put the other person first and talk through any disagreements. The pair values honesty in their relationship and thanks to their honest communication, they’re comfortable spending every day together.

At Kingsley Manor, each day is a celebration of vibrant friendships, unique interests and strong connections. The community encourages residents to explore their creativity while bonding with each other, whether they’re enjoying meals together or taking art classes to learn new techniques. “It’s a very casual and nice place to live,” Sheldon said. “I’ve been at Kingsley for five years and I love it here.”

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