The whole person approach: At Covia, well-being is mind, body, spirit

What is essential as we age? Having a plan for your personal well-being is a great place to start.

When many of us think about well-being, our minds turn to the physical part – eating healthy foods and getting the recommended amount of exercise. Of course, physical well-being is important, but at Covia we take it a few steps further. To us, well-being is about the whole person: intellectual stimulation, creative exploration, spiritual support and community connection. When you look at your well-being through the “whole person” lens, there are lots of ways you can optimize your future!

Big-picture thinking is important for each of us. In fact, it’s important for us at the organizational level, as well. Covia recently announced our affiliation with Front Porch. The joining together of two non-profit organizations with similar ideals means a brighter future for those we serve. When it comes to our own well-being as an organization, this is a decision that just made sense. Together we have expanded expertise in areas such as technology and programming, as well as gaining additional resources to make each of our communities even more well-rounded. Bottom line, we think everyone wins.

Although Front Porch communities are part of a larger organization, each community still maintains its unique character and we remain focused on the well-being of the residents we serve across our communities.

We’re excited to watch residents discover (or rediscover) their passions. At Covia, everyone has the freedom to find a personalized approach to well-being through the range of activities and spaces available at our communities. Maybe it’s working in the garden, enjoying outdoor happy hours, practicing meditation or other spiritual practices, painting or drawing, or simply borrowing a book from the community library and reading with a cup of coffee in the lounge. Additionally, our Community Services programs provide opportunities to lead or participate in classes with Well Connected, connect one-on-one through Social Call or explore your creative side with Creative Spark. Whatever your passion, there are many ways to take care of body, mind, and spirit at Covia.

Of course, our “whole person” philosophy also includes the physical aspects we mentioned earlier. Each community offers a range of options for exercise such as swimming, cardio and “mind/body” activities like Tai Chi, with activities directors and wellness experts on site. On the nutritional side, healthy, delicious culinary options are in full supply.

When it comes down to the essentials of healthy aging and overall well-being, we’ve got you covered.

Now is a great time to make a plan for your well-being. Join us for one of our upcoming events or come tour one of our communities. We’d love to learn more about you and show you the very best in senior living lifestyle options built with your well-being in mind!