McCaugheys are Happy to be at Walnut Village After Life-Changing Event

When Bill and Jan McCaughey were searching for a retirement community a few years ago, they knew one that offered continuing care was the right choice.

“We wanted to make sure whatever the future held we would be well taken care of,” Bill said. “My motto is … prior planning, prevents poor performance.”

Bill’s philosophy proved fortuitous when in 2019, Jan entered Summer House, Walnut Village‘s memory care neighborhood. “This transition went smoothly thanks to the Walnut Village team,” Bill said. “Staff support here is amazing. Having their support, plenty of activities and lovely surroundings, provides Jan with a very welcoming and comfortable feeling at Summer House. Our daughters and I know she is in a safe and loving environment.”

Before moving to Walnut Village, the McCaugheys visited other retirement communities in the area. They chose Walnut Village because “it just felt like home.” Bill endorses exercising and is grateful that the community’s indoor saltwater pool and fitness center remain open on a limited basis and capacity during the pandemic. Also, he’s thankful that virtual and social distancing, stretching and balancing classes are available.

The staff has made it possible for Bill and his wife to regularly visit with their daughters via video chat. “On Christmas day we were able to communicate with our families via Zoom,” Bill said. “I can’t tell you how much that meant to us. Staff went out of their way to make it happen. The benefit of that technology has been tremendous for our family. Every time I think staff has done all they can for us, they raise the bar of excellence.”

Previously, Bill had convinced himself that remaining in their home would be the best decision.

Fortunately, their two daughters convinced him to consider the merits of continuing care retirement community living. Bill and Jan were pleasantly surprised and are so thankful that Walnut Village is their residence.

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