New Remodeled Dining Room is Ready for Grand Reopening

The dining experience at Kingsley Manor has always been a social one. Not only are residents receiving nourishment for their bodies but also nourishment to their souls through daily interaction with friends over a delightful meal.

Therefore, when the pandemic hit and Kingsley Manor began delivering food to residents in their homes, it was somewhat of an adjustment for many. But the good news is that during the last 10 months while the dining was closed, a beautiful remodel has taken place in anticipation of its grand reopening. “If there was a positive to the Pandemic, it was that our dining room remodel could take place without inconveniencing residents,” said Dining Services Director Nick Padula. “It gave us plenty of time for a beautiful transformation.”

While the goal was to improve the overall dining experience, Kingsley also wanted to give it a classic Hollywood vibe and add to the space’s warmth.

“New improved pendant lighting, recessed energy-efficient lighting and wall sconces on the millwork clad columns give the room instant warmth,” said Marcia Bryan, owner of the Bryan Design Group. “We wanted to improve the dining experience even more with a new bistro dining location, and booth seating for those wanting a more casual dining experience. Playful pendant lighting above the tables help set the mood for the bistro.”

One of the biggest changes was the elimination of the buffet table, which will mean exclusive table service for each meal. “We wanted to give residents a true full-service dining experience,” Nick said. “With that change, we also expanded our menu to include more made-to-order options including entr?es, salads and desserts.”

New custom carpeting in rich jewel tones capture the essence of the beautiful gardens that surround the campus. Large scale florals on a rich emerald background provide an elegant pattern. New chairs in a sturdy frame are both comfortable and beautiful. A new smaller host station was designed for mobility and function to greet the diners as they enter the room. Lighting was improved and noise reduced by better defined spaces.

“We also updated the artwork and accessories in the open cases to reflect the rich heritage of Los Angeles with historical books, collected artwork, and beautiful arrangements,” Marcia said. No doubt when the dining room reopens, residents will be delighted.

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