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Villa Gardens Resident Continues to Blaze New Trails

In the 1960s and even into the 1970s, most people could not imagine a woman in a position of power outside of the home, much less as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies or as the vice president of the United States. Working women were routinely paid lower salaries than men and denied opportunities for advancement.

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Opposites Attract at Vista del Monte

Friends Ed and Gary Find Much in Common Despite Differences After first meeting residents Ed Grat and Gary Janka, you may not think the two would have much in common. Ed loves the theatre and Gary prefers quiet meditation. Gary is a Buddhist minister and Ed was raised Catholic. Gary has lived at Vista del

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Mateo’s Best Stitch is Making Masks

Mateo Gavilanes spent more than two decades perfecting his skills as a tailor in Mexico. But when an opportunity to come to the United States presented itself almost 20 years ago, he decided to make the move. He has been a maintenance technician at Vista del Monte ever since, with only limited opportunities to practice

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